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NormaTec is an innovative technology that uses air pressure massage to relieve muscle aches and/or pain.

The leg boots deliver sequential and pulsating compression to a particular area, systematically enhancing blood flow and lymphatic fluid removal.

The primary function of these compression sleeves is to engage a lymphatic flush, which enhances a healthy blood flow back into the region by helping to remove waste products, inflammation, and swelling.

I bet you already use compression shorts/pants, socks, etc as research shows that compression garments reduce muscle soreness.

Compression therapy provides simple and effective ways of increasing blood flow activity in the lower limbs through strengthening vein support.

These are sophisticated systems that effectively mimic the natural motions of the arms and legs to remove metabolites and fluids from the limbs after intense activity. The pulsing movements are helpful for preventing injuries and accelerating recovery time.


1. Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing, thus removing toxins

2. Reduces inflammation and water accumulation

3. Improved (better) and enhanced (healthier) circulation

4. Accelerated recovery, so you feel rejuvenated and ready for the next workout.

5. Helps prevent and eliminate first-stage varicose veins


I bet you already use compression shorts/pants, socks, etc as research shows that compression garments reduce muscle soreness.

First, any athlete who uses his/her legs: runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, weightlifters/CrossFitters, Mudders, walkers, football/basketball/baseball/soccer/volleyball/hockey/LAX players . . . etc.

Second, anyone who works on his/her feet all day, because gravity causes poor circulation in your legs when you are standing all day Nurses, doctors, construction, and numerous professions benefit.

Third, anyone who battles poor circulation would benefit: diabetes, varicose, peripheral artery disease, and just about any circulation disease with the exception of deep vein thrombosis (contraindicated).

Finally, anyone who enjoys a relaxing massage!

What does it feel like?

The NormaTec compression therapy feels like a gentle myofascial massage–which I recognize is a contradiction in terms! Just envision sitting back in a leather recliner with a post-workout beverage for 20-30 minutes, having your legs massaged, flushed of lactic acid and reinvigorated for your day! I guess you just need to try it to believe it. Bring a friend or two to get your “squeeze” on!

When and how long to use it?

The NormaTec Recovery System can be used both before and after exercise, whether it is routine training or high-level competition.
Before exercise, the NormaTec acts as a high-tech massage to warm up your muscles. Pre-workout sessions are generally 10 to 20 minutes long with a moderate intensity level.
Using the NormaTec Recovery System after intense exercise will significantly speed up your recovery process, allowing you to train harder and perform better. We recommend using your NormaTec within a few hours after exercise to expedite your recovery process. Post-workout recovery sessions are generally 20 to 60 minutes long with a moderate to high intensity level (it is safe to pump as long as you want). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the high-tech massage found only in a NormaTec Recovery System.

After workout benefits:

The benefits of NormaTec Pulse include enhanced blood flow and dynamic compression that ensures that fluids leave the limbs after intense workouts. The system is also designed with distal release, which prevents backflow. The benefits of dynamic compression are supported by research. Some of the benefits reported by studies include increased flexibility and range-of-motion for the lower extremities after workouts.


The risks and benefits of using the NormaTec Recovery System are the same as having a massage. If the pressure feels uncomfortable, you can reduce the intensity or stop the session. Similar to a massage, the benefits can include the temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains. It can also temporarily increase circulation in the area being massaged.

Many leading athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts around the world currently use this technology.

Why is it the best system?

Compression technology has been around for decades in both static and simple dynamic forms. But the NormaTec Pulse Technology found in NormaTec Recovery Systems takes dynamic compression to a new level. This unique pneumatic waveform, which is exclusive to NormaTec products, is designed to externally compress the limbs in a way that mimics normal physiology, featuring a sophisticated pulsing, gradient, and distal release compression pattern. Initially developed for medical patients with severe circulatory and peripheral vascular disorders, the NormaTec Recovery System is now the most effective recovery tool for athletes who want maximum performance recovery.

How long has it been around?

NormaTec was founded in 1998 by Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, in response to a desperate need for new technology to rapidly and non-invasively treat circulation-related disorders. In 2002, the company introduced the NormaTec PCD (Pneumatic Compression Device), an FDA-cleared medical device that yields highly effective clinical results for patients with peripheral vascular diseases. After hearing reports from athletes that they were using their NormaTec Systems for workout and performance recovery (not just acute injuries), NormaTec started its Athlete Technologies division in 2007. Today, many of the world’s best athletes regularly use their NormaTec Recovery Systems for maximum performance recovery.

How does it work?

The most important element for effective compression is the massage pattern. NormaTec’s founder, Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, a physician bioengineer, realized this fundamental principle when she developed and patented the Sequential Pulse Pneumatic Waveform. Unlike more simplistic compression patterns, NormaTec Pulse Technology is based on normal physiology, and it synergistically combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. Through these mechanisms, the NormaTec Recovery System maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you train harder, recover faster, and perform better.

Difference between compression socks and NormaTec:

Everyone has probably seen Compression Socks sold at the airport kiosks worldwide. There is a reason for this, compression has been known to help travelers feel more comfortable and protect them. Compression socks are elastic knee length stockings that work to slowly stretch out vein walls and improve overall circulation, thus helps eliminate swelling. They allow for graduated constriction beginning at the ankle and working its way up the leg; in addition to airline travel, they are also recommended for walking and long drives.

NormaTec Compression Boots. Instead of using static compression (squeezing) to transport fluid out of the limbs, Sequential Pulse Technology uses dynamic compression (pulsing) and holds pressure to keep fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. The message pattern starts in the foot, hand, or lower hip and moves upwards zone-by-zone massaging the limb and mobilizing fluid out of the extremities.

Without effective compression therapy, chronic venous diseases can lead to future issues such as the common side effects like spider veins. Dilated veins will drain your limbs and produce periods of fatigue, the feeling of heavy legs and bursts of pain. Compression therapy helps alleviate the aching feeling and loosens constriction between the vein walls.

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