Blog 4 The past few weeks have been very busy, tiring and special as we welcomed Poppy into our family. She completes our family of 4 and has settled in perfectly. The first couple of weeks Tom was home and that was great. He could entertain Tilly whilst I recovered
I’m now officially on maternity leave and plan to spend as much time with my first daughter before our second daughter arrives. Some of you may have noticed that my bump did get bigger towards the end of work, but luckily not massive. This definitely helped me still feel fit
🤰With only 7 weeks left until I take some maternity leave I wanted to write another blog to update you all. My last working day will be Friday 6th May. I am aiming to take around 3 months off and hope to be back around August with limited hours. Although

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start a blog. I don’t know if I can commit to monthly blogs with a busy work and family life, but I’m going to write one when I can Especially when important events in my life are happening 🥳 Have you managed to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? January always starts out as a positive and motivating month. So far this year I have been tidier, focused and healthier. All things that I wish to continue throughout the year. My goal for this year is to hopefully expand the business and for it to be sustainable whilst I take a few months maternity leave. The countdown to the end of May is on, as that’s when we will welcome our second child to the family. Covid stopped me working up until my due date with my first born, so I am unsure how I will feel or how mobile I will be as the due date approaches. Currently I am feeling fit and hope to work for as long as I can before the new arrival. Althought I have just had a bout of covid. Luckily, I am boosted and didn’t feel too bad. Being a businesswomen is a juggle with a family. It’s important to get the balance right. Towards the end of last year my priority was my little girl, which isn’t a bad thing. However I felt my business was forgotten about slightly. So an aim of mine this year is to be more focused on investing time into behind the scenes at Philgood. There is so much that goes on that people don’t see; cleaning; adverts; filing; paperwork; banking; creating content; ordering supplies; booking clients in & the list can continue. The challenge now is to split my time and energy correctly so that my family, work and lovely clients get the best version of Mazeie. Will let you know how it goes…

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