GETTING BACK INTO EXERCISE AFTER A BREAK (STEP BY STEP) Taking a break from exercise is something that happens to everyone during their lives at some point or another. Covid-19 has forced sporting activities to stop however things are starting to normalise.  We’ve made a step by step guide on
What’s a NormaTec? The compression therapy elite athletes love Like cryotherapy, compression therapy has been around for decades as a medical treatment. In fact, NormaTec started as a medical device company to treat a condition called lymphedema (chronic swelling). Now the company’s focus is athletic recovery, but its roots lie
Flexibility is one of the five components of fitness, so stretching should be an integral part of every workout program. Have a read of these 10 benefits of stretching:1. Decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion. Stretching helps improve your range of motion, which may also slow the degeneration of
Despite our natural inclination toward relaxation whenever possible, there are a few good reasons to go to the gym, even when all you want to do is absolutely nothing. 1. Your body will thank you in the long run.Exercise doesn’t just strengthen your muscles, it also strengthens your heart and
First thought, how am I going to run 26.2 miles!?  These top tips will help ⤵️ Are You On The Right Training Plan❓ You need to gradually build up your mileage and endurance while incorporating enough rest to prevent overuse injuries. Follow a plan that coincides with your current running