Blog 4

Blog 4
The past few weeks have been very busy, tiring and special as we welcomed Poppy into our family. She completes our family of 4 and has settled in perfectly.

The first couple of weeks Tom was home and that was great. He could entertain Tilly whilst I recovered from c-section surgery and looked after Poppy. I felt an element of guilt towards Tilly as I was unable to lift her, or give her my full attention anymore. We had to keep reminding her that I had a sore belly so she couldn’t climb on me like she used to. I don’t think she understood too much and it was sad saying no to her. But as a result she has become closer to her daddy, so not all bad. Tom’s now back at work so life is busier again, but another adjustment that will take time.

I feel lucky again that I have recovered well from a cesarean. A planned c-section was much more anxious for me. Knowing everything that was happening was werid and I didn’t like it. With Tilly, I wasn’t with it as much and think I preferred the unknown. I know I still can’t push myself too much but my scar has healed well and I haven’t suffered much with mobility issues.

I’m usually an active person so have felt bad just lounging about. I shouldn’t as it’s key to recovery. I’ve started walking more as a firm of exercise, but I’m really looking forward to being able to start an exercise regime again.

I still have another few weeks of settling in before I think about coming back to work. I’m also enjoying focusing on my girls and giving them as much attention as I can. But please still continue to message if you need anything.

I’m feeling very lucky to have two beautiful girls and a supportive husband. It’s also a bonus that my maternity leave is when the weather is lovely. Life is better when the sun is out 🌞

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