Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation

Mental health awareness is increasing and should be addressed when it comes to rehabilitation. After sustaining an injury you can feel sad and have worries about returning to functional activities. This is especially present within a team environment. Having to withdraw from friends/teammates due to injury can affect an individuals mood. There is also a lot of pressure to get back to competition which can be hard for athletes to deal with. All of these points relate to areas of mental health.

When someone sustains an injury it is just as important to rehabilitate their mental state alongside their physical state. It is very obvious to treat a physical symptom however mental symptoms are hard to identify. Treatment is more likely to be successful if it includes components that target not only physical issues but also psychological and/or social factors.

Chronic pain, such as long term back pain, can be a condition that affects both mental and physical state. Look out for signs that individuals show in both areas.

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