Back Care Programme

For those of you who suffer with a persistent bad back.

Sign up to our 6 week back care plan.

Includes an initial consultation

Plus 5 mobility, strength and soft tissue sessions.

This can last over 6 weeks or 6 months, depending on the individual and their back.

We aim to get you stronger and functional by reducing pain and targeting the cause of that niggling back pain.

BACK PAIN Programme

Do you have nagging lower back pain?

Are you injury prone, feel stiff and tight and/or suffer aches and pains?

Do you struggle with motivation to do exercises independently?

Pilates doesn’t sound like your thing? Maybe treatment only works for a week or two?

If this sounds like you, we have just the answer!

Our Back Pain & Core Rehab class focuses on long term relief of your back pain.

Who can benefit from the Back Pain and Core Strength programme?

This programme is for anyone who suffers from low back pain, spinal pain, has a lumbar disc injury, weak core muscles, poor lumbo-pelvic stability, glutes that are weak or don’t recruit and activate when they are supposed to, sacroiliac joint pain, poor posture, back muscle pain and strains, hip or groin injuries or anyone with knee pain.

Through a series of exercises and stretches we will be targeting your problematic tight muscles such as hip flexors and back muscles, strengthening commonly weak muscles such as your gluteal muscles, learn how to activate your core stabilising muscles as well as working on improving the mobility of your hips and spine in your lumbo-pelvic region. This programme will also improve your functional movement patterns, improve your biomechanics and improve your body awareness and proprioception.

Back Pain and Core Rehab programme – How will it help me?

You can stop your cycle of pain with the help of our back pain and core rehab programme. We know that many of our patients suffer from back pain or other problems due to abnormal movement patterns. This programme will help us to help you tackle the underlying cause of your pain by helping you to re-train your body to move in the way it was designed to move and stop any detrimental movement habits that have led to your pain.

This programme is a great way to get you moving well more quickly and will help you to remember ‘how’ to properly perform your exercises. This is a safe way to add controlled movement and exercise to your life.

The Active Back Programme aims to:

Decrease the effects of pain on your lifestyle
Increase physical fitness
Restore confidence in performing activities that you enjoy
Improve your understanding of how to manage your back
Improve your quality of life
Enable you to manage your back problem independently
To achieve these objectives you must:

Want to regain control of your life by applying self-management skills through individual and group activities
Be willing to assess your lifestyle and think about relevant and realistic adaptations in your daily activities that could help manage your pain
Be motivated to attend all sessions and put in the effort to achieve your goals

Persistent back pain is not a quick fix. Feeling better comes with consistency.

The longer back pain persists or goes untreated, the longer it takes to get rid of. It’s not just going to solve itself right away by doing a few stretches a few times a week, you need to be consistent.

Here at Philgood rehabilitation we aim to create a change in your back pain. However, it is then up to you to keep that change, through commitment and exercise.

To help you comply with your exercise, we have developed a back care programme where you can have one to one sessions with our injury specialist. During the session we can identify any abnormalities in your exercises and help you complete them safely and efficiently. We will be right by your side for you to ask an questions along the way.

In our safe hands we can guide you through each progression, or regression, to ensure you are doing the right movement for your ability. Our knowledge allows us to find the underlying cause of your back pain to create prehabilitation programmes as well as rehabilitation.

It’s important for you to have a mindset of ‘I need to build in time in my day to take care of this and do things I know are going to help with this pain,’ not just taking a pill or an injection or having a surgery.

Moving and adjusting throughout the day is important. Sitting and standing aren’t the only options. Spend time in a kneeling or half-kneeling position. You should build up slowly, though, with two to five minutes in a new position until you’re comfortable with it. This will help to avoid back pain caused by standing or sitting too long.

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