Trouble Sleeping? Go through this check list…

Sleep is fascinating. Everybody does it every day! It’s very important to overall health and well being. Sleep is crucial for brain and body function. So if it’s something you’re struggling with, try this checklist to have improve your quality of it.

Make sure you are totally comfortable…

You use your bed daily, obviously, but have you thought about how good your pillows and bedding are? And what about any noises that you may be hearing at night? The basics need to be covered and with some simple changes you may be able to reboot your sleep habits.

Do you relax?

Is going on technology relaxing? Your brain is working to read what it on the screen and is adjusting to the light. Your body needs time away from this to settle for the night. Try reading a book instead Or meditating.

Are you thirsty?

Hydration helps to cool your core temperature and makes it easier for you to fall asleep faster. However, try not to drink around an hour before bedtime so it doesn’t disrupt you through the night.

Feeling hot?

Ensure tour bedroom is not too warm and that your bedding is appropriate for the season.


If you’re body is consuming a lot of calories it may need a light snack in the evening to keep yourself going. Ensure this is healthy and isn’t too close to bedtime.

Have you consumed stimulants before bed?

Alcohol can interrupt your sleep. Pre-bed caffeine or alcohol isn’t the way to go.

Do you really know how much sleep you need?

Use a sleep tracker to test your bed-time, from how long it takes you to fall asleep to whether you’re waking up at the “right” time. You may be in bed for nine hours, but if two are regularly “wasted” by thinking or rolling around, try moving to seven and see what happens.

Good luck. And sweet dreams!

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