Think you have a Sports Hernia?

Pain, bruising and restricted movement are all warning signs of a sports hernia, but could also indicate other conditions. A sports hernia however will not go away on its own, so it’s critical to pay attention to the warning signs and seek treatment early. Early diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between a quick return and a season spent on the sidelines.


Warning Signs


  1. Sharp pain. As a result of a tear in the lower abdominal muscles. Twisting or quick movements can worsen the pain.
  2. Chronic pain. With rest and the pain goes away, only to return to activity and pain. This can start a cycle that will only worsen until the sports hernia is surgically repaired.
  3. Lumps and bumps. Due to this being an internal injury, usually their are no visible signs. Men can sometimes develop a small bulge in the area, which can be painful to touch.
  4. Pulling or stretching feeling. One of the more common symptoms of a sports hernia is a pulling or twisting feeling with activity.
  5. Bruising. Uncommon.
  6. Difficulty with everyday activities. You might find it difficult or painful to do common tasks, like reaching, bending and lifting.

Watch out for these warning signs of a sports hernia when exercising or playing sports.

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