Shoulder pain

1 in 4 people suffer with shoulder pain. Pain gets us down on several ways, it’s exhausting and interferes with everything we do.

As we use our arms for almost every activity and most movements, shoulder pain can be a biggy. Pain in this area can affect alignment, creating poor posture and poorly functioning movements.


After lower back and neck pain, shoulder pain is the most common complaint therapists see. It’s generally an unstable joint as due to the ball and socket joint system, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. The shoulders are ready for reaching, throwing, lifting, pushing and all sorts of twists, turns and bending, but this leaves them primed for injury.

Rotator Cuff Injury: are the most common of all the shoulder conditions. Usually a result of repetitive movements, causing inflammation, pain and limited mobility. Rest, ice, massage and exercise all help.

Shoulder joint instability: can also occur due to trauma, and, genetic make-up. It’s important to strengthen around the shoulder to prevent this from happening.

Frozen Shoulder: just like it sounds – immovable. Treatments include massage and specific exercises. Acupuncture can also help.

Shoulder Impingement: Muscles getting pinched by bones is uncomfortable and can become painful if it becomes chronic. Exercise is the best type of treatment but massage also helps.

Bursitis: swelling of a bursa causes by repetitive motions. Treatment include rest, ice and massage.

Osteoarthritis: Degenerative joint disease is caused by the normal wear and tear of the cartilage in the joint. Treated with acupuncture and exercise.

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