Re-occurrence of hamstring strains?

Hamstring muscle strains are prevalent in many sports. These injuries can be debilitating and require extensive recovery time. What’s worse is that one third of hamstring injuries will recur, making these types of injuries frequent and stubborn. Commonly this occurs when the person is just getting back into training or attempting to return to their previous sport
The role of the hamstring is to pull the thigh backwards and to extend the knee. Hamstring muscles control the leg especially when kicking or changing speed while running.
So with this in mind, maybe you’re not rehabbing the muscle correctly…
Nordics are an eccentric strength exercise for the hamstrings, meaning that the muscle only “fires” as it lengthens, closely mimicking the main function of the hamstrings. This means that the Nordic hamstring exercise is an effective way to reduce chances of a hamstring injury occurring and an excellent way to ensure that the hamstring muscles are resilient to re-injury.
Five key points to consider to reduce the risk of re injuring your hamstring include:
1 Progress your hamstring through a series of exercises aiming to achieve full function before returning to sport and sport specific drills.
2 Ensure your hamstring has been rehabilitated through sport-specific tasks, when it is appropriate to do so.
3 Perform a graded, specific running programme which is best advised by a suitable therapist.
4 Return to sport gradually!
5 Listen to the muscle.

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