KTape – The Facts

What is it? 

An elastic therapeutic tape that is used for treatment, singling or combined with other manual therapy techniques. It helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling, provide support to muscles and joints and enhance performance. 


Key points 

  • 24hr wear for many days prolongs benefits 
  • Cheap and effective 
  • Water resistant 
  • Can be worn exercising, showering or swimming
  • No side effects 
  • Self application 


How does it work? 

When the tape is applied correctly, it achieves the last of these effects by lifting the skin to create a small space between the muscle and dermis layers. That space takes the pressure off swelling or injured muscles, allows smooth muscle movement and makes space for drainage and blood flow.


Kinesiology benefits

  • Pain relief 
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation 
  • Accelerate recovery from bruises 
  • Helps with muscle spasms 
  • Speedier muscle recover 
  • Supports joints without restricting movement 
  • Enhances muscle function 


It may help…

Muscle strains; ligament sprains; bruising; muscle weakness; joint alignment; joint instability; poor posture; shin splints; growing pains; tendinitis; plantar fasciitis; osteoarthritis; joint swelling. 

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