Sports therapist specialise in musculoskeletal conditions – I.e. Where it hurts. However, they are well adapt at neurological conditions and orthopaedic cases.  Sports massage is one of many techniques to help you recover from your condition.  Sports therapists are certified in more techniques to help such as; joint mobilisation, muscle activation and exercise prescription.  What’s the difference in qualifications?  A Sports Therapist is a degree level qualification, usually alongside a certain amount of placement hours. 
The ankle undergoes a lot of stress during daily activities. It is the key connection between the foot and the leg, therefore is responsible for the downward force of the body. Non surprisingly that the ankle is one of the most injured areas of the lower limb. The ankle is made up of bones and ligaments. The ligaments keep the bones together and provide stability around the joint. Injuries to the ligaments are known as