Pain, bruising and restricted movement are all warning signs of a sports hernia, but could also indicate other conditions. A sports hernia however will not go away on its own, so it’s critical to pay attention to the warning signs and seek treatment early. Early diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between a quick return and a season spent on the sidelines.   Warning Signs   Sharp pain. As a result of a tear in the
The hip or acetabular labrum is a ridge of cartilage that runs around the rim of your hip joint socket. Its purpose is to make the hip socket deeper and more stable. The labrum can be torn from its attachment and cause pain, clicking or catching.   Cartilage damage can become a serious injury since it does not heal easily. Hip labral tears can lead to joint instability and further orthopedic issues in the future
Do you remember when your parents used to tell you not to slouch all the time? They were right to do so as poor posture can have detrimental effects. The issue of ‘poor ‘posture’ has become increasingly talked about within healthcare circles and ergonomic assessments are more common in office life. But why is posture so important? Postural dysfunction or “Poor” posture is defined as when our spine is positioned in unnatural positions, in which
The Piriformis Muscle is a located underneath the Gluteal muscles. It’s function is to externally rotate your hip. It’s frequently a source of ‘pain in the butt’.    Piriformis Syndrome is cause by the muscle becoming overly tight resulting in compression of the Sciatic Nerve. Biomechanical faults can contribute to this such as foot arches, knee position and leg length. Aggravating factors include bending, lifting, running and especially sitting. The condition is extremely common and
With school starting next weeks here’s some information about kids and backpacks:   Is your child’s backpack too heavy? Will they tell you if it is? Children have other stresses to worry about whilst attending school, make sure back pain isn’t one of them.    Have you every heard that backpacks can causes spinal deformities in kids?  Hopefully not as this is a myth!  Scoliosis is sometimes associated with heavy backpacks as it’s usually diagnosed
What is it?  An elastic therapeutic tape that is used for treatment, singling or combined with other manual therapy techniques. It helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling, provide support to muscles and joints and enhance performance.    Key points  24hr wear for many days prolongs benefits  Cheap and effective  Water resistant  Can be worn exercising, showering or swimming No side effects  Self application    How does it work?  When the tape is applied correctly, it
21st February 2018

Knee Blog

Knee pain when bending is a common problem. There are a number of different causation factors which can affect how the knee moves. The pain may start suddenly after an injury, or gradually come on over time. Around the knee there are many structure including: muscles, bones, cartilage and ligaments. These structures all need to work together properly to allow for smooth, pain-free movement. Problems in any of these areas can lead to knee pain
Sports therapist specialise in musculoskeletal conditions – I.e. Where it hurts. However, they are well adapt at neurological conditions and orthopaedic cases.  Sports massage is one of many techniques to help you recover from your condition.  Sports therapists are certified in more techniques to help such as; joint mobilisation, muscle activation and exercise prescription.  What’s the difference in qualifications?  A Sports Therapist is a degree level qualification, usually alongside a certain amount of placement hours. 
The ankle undergoes a lot of stress during daily activities. It is the key connection between the foot and the leg, therefore is responsible for the downward force of the body. Non surprisingly that the ankle is one of the most injured areas of the lower limb. The ankle is made up of bones and ligaments. The ligaments keep the bones together and provide stability around the joint. Injuries to the ligaments are known as