For those of you who suffer with a persistent bad back. Sign up to our 6 week back care plan. Includes an initial consultation Plus 5 mobility, strength and soft tissue sessions. This can last over 6 weeks or 6 months, depending on the individual and their back. We aim to get you stronger and functional by reducing pain and targeting the cause of that niggling back pain. BACK PAIN Programme Do you have nagging
20th December 2018


What is it ⁉️ NormaTec is an innovative technology that uses air pressure massage to relieve muscle aches and/or pain. The leg boots deliver sequential and pulsating compression to a particular area, systematically enhancing blood flow and lymphatic fluid removal. The primary function of these compression sleeves is to engage a lymphatic flush, which enhances a healthy blood flow back into the region by helping to remove waste products, inflammation, and swelling. I bet you
Use these tips to ensure your back stays healthy this Christmas time… My Christmas tree, is it easy to carry? Do you have a natural Christmas tree? Or is it an artificial one? Either way you need to consider how heavy it is when you go to carry it, position it and decorate it. After all ‘tis the season to keep the spine healthy’. Christmas time is family time, so ensure you use your family
Is back pain something you have experienced? If so you may know that it can be deliberating and depressing. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide and affects approximately 80% of the adult population at some point in their lives, as well as one in five younger people. Some people experience one episode of back pain whilst others experience several episodes, eventually creating a chronic pain. Statistically it is more common for
1 in 4 people suffer with shoulder pain. Pain gets us down on several ways, it’s exhausting and interferes with everything we do. As we use our arms for almost every activity and most movements, shoulder pain can be a biggy. Pain in this area can affect alignment, creating poor posture and poorly functioning movements. Causes After lower back and neck pain, shoulder pain is the most common complaint therapists see. It’s generally an unstable
Hamstring muscle strains are prevalent in many sports. These injuries can be debilitating and require extensive recovery time. What’s worse is that one third of hamstring injuries will recur, making these types of injuries frequent and stubborn. Commonly this occurs when the person is just getting back into training or attempting to return to their previous sport The role of the hamstring is to pull the thigh backwards and to extend the knee. Hamstring muscles
Ouchy shins? Shin splints can be common with runners. The pain is usually located down the inner or medial portion of the lower leg, along the shin. Pain usually starts after running but in time can develop during the run. Research suggests that this is commonly due to overuse. Sometimes this happens when you’re new to running, however this can also happen if there is a sudden increase in training frequency or intensity. Other causes
Used to identify common injuries within a specific sport or training regime. The outcome results in an appropriate series of exercises that work toward minimising their incidence. Key joints and stability are targeting to conclude what is weak. With this proactive approach to sport and exercise, body parts with be strengthened and conditioned to the excessive amounts of strain that they undergo. But prehabilitation is also moving out of the realm of sports science and
Sleep is fascinating. Everybody does it every day! It’s very important to overall health and well being. Sleep is crucial for brain and body function. So if it’s something you’re struggling with, try this checklist to have improve your quality of it. Make sure you are totally comfortable… You use your bed daily, obviously, but have you thought about how good your pillows and bedding are? And what about any noises that you may be
Do you have a good or bad posture? As you are reading this, how is your posture right now? Are you sitting upright? Are you slouching your back? Have you totally sunk into your chair? Why Have A Good Posture? There are 5 key benefits from maintaining a good posture. 1. Aids breathing: A good posture naturally enables you to breathe properly. 2. Increases concentration and thinking ability: When you are breathing properly, you increase